We enable businesses and organisations to take full advantage of platform-based creation, innovation and collaboration.

What we do.

New paths to innovation and creation

We use the interdisciplinary creativity and intercultural insight of global innovation platforms and communities to help solve business challenges with a new immersive and collaborative approach.

More ideas in less time

Using an online creative pool can get results within days – as opposed to weeks or even months when compared to traditional methods. In our experience nothing is more expensive than making fundamental decisions based on too few ideas.

From straightforward solutions to complex challenges

The range of creative solutions an Open Creation process offers is diverse, from basic graphics and visuals (i.e. logo, on-pack design) to complex conceptual tasks (i.e. product concepts or service design).

Practical experience beats buzzwords

Open Creation is not just grey theory or marketing lingo. Our services are based on the experience we’ve gained from over 300 successful Open Creation projects for international brands across all industries.

About the founder.


Conradin Sonnenberg

Even after more than 20 years of living in Berlin, you’ll hear quite distinctly that I grew up in Switzerland.

My architecture studies in Zurich and Berlin gave me a lasting appreciation and enthusiasm for the underlying ideas and concepts behind creative work.

Putting this knowledge into practice I began working as a creative director, “building” holistic international advertising campaigns over the course of the next ten years.

To better understand the increasing impact of digital transformation on the communication industry I took up studies again – this time in digital leadership. Those aspects of digital transformation and culture that are still puzzling or peculiar to me I occasionally discuss in my blog.

After completing these studies I worked for over seven years as the strategic director of a leading international creative-online-platform, before deciding to found my own open creation consultancy.

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How we work.


Foundation Workshops

Before we start we get all key stakeholders on board to understand your company’s situation and challenges – from various organisational perspectives.

We then define strategic and creative targets together and structure your innovation framework and creative vision.


Platform Selection

Diverse tasks need diverse creative communities.

Projects can be open to thousands of creatives all over the globe or to smaller selected specialist teams.


Creative Direction

During the entire project we lead the creatives in order to help them craft quality submissions.

We encourage all clients to play an active role in the process by giving regular feedback on the platform.


Idea Evaluation

After the submission phase key internal and external experts evaluate and rank the concepts.

The most promising submissions can be explored and expanded in a second project phase.



Different documentation formats allow you to introduce the project and its results to your organisation and/or partners.

Formats include both physical and digital presentations, case studies, idea books, folders, posters and prototyping.

We look forward to an open discussion with you.

Open Creation Consulting GmbH
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